Hector Herrera was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. From elementary school through high school he received a full bilingual education. It was during his early years in school that Hector discovered his interest for narration and voice-over work while viewing nature & technology documentaries with Spanish dubbed narration (National Geographic, Union Carbide "El Siglo 21", Imagenes de Nuestro Mundo, Wild Kingdom of Omaha).

Hector's interests changed focus from nature and animals to the theater arts. He began attending acting and other theater related courses, both in Mexico and California.

Thanks to his bilingual education, Hectos has also been able to work as a State of California Certified Medical Interpreter for medical-legal claims. In 1996 he was asked by TV Azteca to be the male voice in the Spanish live simulcast for Mexico of the Academy Awards Oscar's ceremony.

Hector is currently represented by Kimberly Sklanowsky at Danis Panaro Nist, Los Angeles & Jennifer Brown at Abrams Artists Agency, New York. Hector's voice has been used in many regional & national TV and Radio commercial campaigns. Producers have sought his voice for the quality and consistency in his delivery of neutral accent Spanish which communicates naturally to the US markets and Latin America.